About Me

I am Akhil S. Bandarupalli, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Purdue University. My research interests span the fields of blockchains and cyber-physical system (CPS) security. I am being advised by Professor Saurabh Bagchi and Professor Aniket Kate. I am also a part of the Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory(DCSL) at Purdue University.
I completed my Bachelors's degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) in 2017 and later graduated from Purdue University with a MS in Computer Science in December 2020. I also worked in the software industry for 2 years at a company called Open Insights LLC, where I gained experience in Big data and product development.


  1. Bhat, A., Bandarupalli, A., Bagchi, S., Kate, A., & Reiter, M. K. Apollo–Optimistically Linear and Responsive SMR.